Cilla (short for Priscilla) is a cute alien girl. She is in fact the most Grey-looking hybrid in recorded history. This has caused her a great many number of problems. She enjoys books, radios and collecting unicorn bunnies (they come in many colours and styles; her favourites are the mint-coloured ones). She lives apart from a small village in the northern part of the Great Desert on the central continent, and supports herself as a weaver (she makes blankets and such). Powers: Telekinesis and empathy.

Lucas is a human-alien hybrid, like Cilla. Unlike Cilla, however, he is the most human-looking Grey hybrid to ever exist. One may assume that this has led to him having an easy life, but it has not. He has had to work impossibly hard to hide his Grey-ness, lest the government take notice of his existence. However, despite his best efforts, he was found out and now he’s on the run. He’s from an island in the far west, and is not equipped to live in the desert, but he manages. In the beginning of the story he has a rather severe sunburn. Powers: Pyrokinesis.


Kato, according to Kato, is a legendary pirate king. He’s Cilla’s older brother and he’s very overprotective of her, and this drives her crazy. In fact, when they’re together, they tend to fight a lot, but they really do love each other very much. He’s brash and spirited, and mostly steals and sells water. He wound up becoming a pirate because he just didn’t fit into society despite his best efforts. Powers: None.


Gemini is the first mate on Kato’s pirate ship. He’s level headed and grounded, and the Spock to Kato’s Kirk (or the Captain Picard to Kato’s First-Season-Beardless-Commander Riker). Like Kato, he became a pirate because he didn’t fit into society. And, like Kato, he’s a badass-normal in a world of super-powered Alien-human hybrids. He enjoys painting landscapes. Powers: None.