Oh wow. Who are those tiny people, and what will happen to Cilla?

Come back in March to find out.

(I swear to god that one day I’m gonna start posting this bimonthly. It’d already be bimonthly if I didn’t have to move so much in the past year. Oh well, sucks to be me. 😐 )

(IMPORTANT: This comic is going on hiatus in March. In between moving too much in 2018, my computer dying and some stupid RL drama I just need to take a break and focus on getting my head back together. More info later, I guess.)

UPDATE 27.11.20: For anyone who’s stumbled on this, wondering what happened, I’m not dead and this comic hasn’t been abandoned. I’ve barely been able to work on anything since this last update. 2019 was horrendous and 2020 was even worse. I don’t know what the future holds, but here’s to 2021 being better and I get to a place where I can actually get shit done.