Particles of a Grey Sky is a comic about space aliens by J. Morgenstern (aka godlessmachine). 

About the Comic
The world came to an end but kept going anyway. In the distant future, on a ruined, cold earth, humanity is controlled by a global government. Beyond that, there are the Greys, a race of mysterious aliens who are mostly known for the experiments they do on the humans, though no one really knows anything else about them. However, the planet is populated by the alien-human hybrids they’ve created.

One day a female Grey-human hybrid named Cilla finds a boy who was lost and on the verge of death in the desert.  They become close friends, and soon they’re pulled into an adventure that becomes a quest to find the truth about everything: their world, the Greys and themselves.

This is a sci-fi coming-of-age adventure with a bit of action mixed in here and there.  (Don’t read this for the action, though.  That will only lead to disappointment.)

I’m making this comic primarily to learn how to make comics and all that entails. It currently updates bimonthly, though hopefully I’ll be able to update more often in the future.

About the Author
Godless Machine (aka J/Jasmine/Jasmin/whatever Morgenstern) is an illustrator and cartoonist. She is currently a human who resides in the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth with her cat, Schrödinger. She hopes to move to Mars one day.